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Selected Works

23.         Fastenings 
22.         Tracks
22.         Track prints                  
20>        Oblique Territories
21.          Desire Lines, Leith Links  
20.         Studies for a New Normal
19.          Alleged Magical Artefacts
18.          Kilbeg Commission          
17.          Waxing Moon, Setting Sun
15.          Debris and Phenomena           

20-22     Royal Brompton Diagnostic Centre
21           Stakamillabakka               
19-21      (w)ORD
17/21       Open Close                        
17-18      Jon Schueler Scholarship
18.          Imagine A Garden
16.          ATLAS Edition
15/16       House of Illustration
14.          Mapping Eigg
14.          Chamberlain Lab

Jon Schueler Scholarship
2017 - 18

Works produced as part of the Jon Schueler Scholarship whilst Visual Artist In Residence at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Skye.
During this time I considered the development of the new village of Kilbeg which was due to be built next to the SMO campus. 

Signs for Kilbeg
Watercolour, graphite and wax on found admiralty chart
24 x 24cm

Based on seemingly signifcant scenes observed in the emerging landscape, these drawings form a speculative signage system for the future village.

The deliberately restricted visual language is based on a drawing system I developed during the residency to reflect my limited ability to communicate in Gaelic.


During the three month stay, I considered various aspects of Gaelic culture, exploring ethnographic methodologies and the idea of place, whilst responding to the surrounding landscape through process led research. 

Waxing Moon, Setting Sun