Debris and Phenomena 

Screenprint on found admiralty chart
Various sizes

Selected works from a series developed for my exhibition Debris and Phenomena at Edinburgh Printmakers.

This work is primarily based on walks around Edinburgh Printmakers, featuring symbolic representations of elements in the landscape which I found significant due to their form, placement, potential for narrative or uncanny appeal as I walked.
I was interested in presenting the landscape as an abstract code, as maps do, and inviting the viewer to re-consider their relationship with the urban environment.

This series is a continuation of my practice of building layered compositions and printing directly on found admiralty charts. The simple graphic forms create considered compositions depicting potential knowledge systems, offering breadcrumbs trails of narrative. These, juxtaposed with out-dated measurements,  unfamiliar terminology and scientific descriptions of a past reality provide a playful examination of how fragile information structures are and how vulnerable our understanding of the world can be.

Alongside this work, I hosted an interactive event where participants were invited to create their own version of my print Landmarks (top left). Details here