Debris and Phenomena 

Screenprint on found admiralty chart
Various sizes

Selected works from a series developed for my exhibition Debris and Phenomena at Edinburgh Printmakers.

These works are primarily based on walks around Broughton in Edinburgh.
My intention was to present the landscape as an abstract code, as maps do, through abstract forms and motifs derived from the landscape; inviting the viewer to consider their own relationship with the urban environment and the information it presents.
Printed directly onto found admiralty chart, this is a continuation of my exploration of these intriguing objects, which were once important tools for defining reality but are now obsolete.
The physical deterioration of the paper is clear, but the often obscure graphic notation and information charted has also succumb to time, rendered abstract. My interventions aim to play with this, offering opportunity for alternative narratives and meaning to emerge.

Alongside this work, I hosted an interactive event where participants were invited to create their own version of my print Landmarks (top left). Details here